Year: 2012-2014
Digital fine art prints
Dimension for each image: 30x30cm including frame

In limine

Once I read this by Lewis Baltz: “Space begins when we start to look away from where we are”.
Since then, I've been asking myself where I was and what was actually my “elsewhere” according to my point of view.
This work is my attempt to answer this question.
In the last two years I've been concentrating my gaze on the perception of my surroundings and on my sense of place, so I started to register sections of space around me as if I were casually watching at a window. My images often underline an edge, a limit or a barrier but they also offer an open yet undefined perspective of what can be beyond it.

“In limine” is a latin expression related to the idea of “threshold” and used to describe a position in-between two conditions: being simultaneously at the end of something and at the beginning of something else.

As on a threshold, my gaze often comes from the side or from a distant point of view, so that the space as well as my point of view emerge as subjects of my images. My vision is mostly marginal and describes peripheral moments and non-defined places which belong to a rather private and innermost world. I photographed places around me, their dimension and their boundaries like I wanted to register my personal space-time coordinates.

The result is a small atlas that collects some representations of my intimate geography.