I’m a visual artist and a photographer, I was born in the south of Italy (Trani) and I live and work between Rome and Marseille. I graduated in cultural studies with a focus on Mediterranean and Middle Eastern areas and I’m now carrying on a Ph.D in photography at Aix-Marseille University. My theoretical and practical research is centered on questioning the representation of the Mediterranean and its imagery. I focus on the sea as place/land and on its symbolic space; I am also interested in areas where movement, transformation and a dualistic approach (connection/separation) can be observed. My works often reflect on how the space is perceived. I focus on the balance between “intimacy” and “extimacy” and I try to represent the tensions between my inner world and my surrounding world. In mainly use digital photography and I am concentrating more and more on the way this medium is evolving in contemporary culture. I am deepening my study about the peculiarity of archives as artistic practice and also about the relation between images, their spatialization and the interferences they create.

"You look out the window, but who is watching?" I. Calvino