I'm a visual artist and a photographer, I was born in the south of Italy (Trani) and I live and work between Rome and Marseille. I graduated in cultural studies with a focus on Mediterranean and Middle Eastern areas and I'm now carrying on a Ph.D in photography at Aix-Marseille University. My research is centered on questioning the representation of the Mediterranean and its imagery. I focus on the sea as place/land and on its symbolic space; I am also interested in areas where movement, transformation and a dualistic approach (connection/separation) can be observed.
My works often reflect on how the space is perceived. I focus on the balance between "intimacy" and "extimacy" and I try to represent the tensions between my inner world and my surrounding world. In mainly use digital photography and I am concentrating more and more on the way this medium is evolving in contemporary culture and issues.
Particularly in my late projects I focus on the exploitation of photographic protocols conveying an idea of representation of space other than the simple documentary recording. An image contains in itself a space, so its perception is inevitably influenced by the subject of its enquiry. I frequently work in sequences or diptyques: the space generated by the relation between two or more images interferes with the space surrounding them and this, in turn, transforms the message they generate. I also consider a photography as an object and I try to focus on my practice accordingly.

"You look out the window, but who is watching?" I. Calvino